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Building non-compliance costs 10 billion euros per year, i.e. 10% of the sector's turnover

Litigations mainly arise from:

  • poor workmanship (43%),

  • non-compliance (22%),

  • delays (20%).

The causes of these additional costs:

  • the multitude of workers on the worksites,

  • the difficult coordination of actors,

  • the absence of reliable tools to work as close as possible to the plans,

  • the lack of reliable traceability of operations.

75% of a building's full life costs are allocated to operation/maintenance
  • The filing of all the documentation is often tedious or even incomplete.

  • Access to up-to-date on-site documentation, with simple visualization of the equipment and operations carried out, is still too limited for operators, which increases intervention times and affects the quality of decisions made for interventions.

In response, IARA created HORUS to
  • make BIM data more reliable: your 3D models are compliant with the site;​

  • make the on-site construction or maintenance teams more efficient: they actually have reliable information to make the right decisions

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